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Style Modern Floating TV Cabinet

Floating TV cabinet this item is ideal for people who have talent in woodworking and others that although they may be less talented, enjoy enthusiasm to create their own accessories to decorate the different areas of your home. If what you’re looking for is a shelf for organizing various items or simply use it for books, photographs and decorate, then you cannot miss this simple tutorial that will teach you how to make a modern wooden ledge. Materials: piece of solid wood. Two threaded rods 6mm.2 nuts 6 mm.2 bolts expansion of 6 mm.Spirit levels. Steel ruler.Pencil.Selection bits. Hammer drill function. Mountain range. Orbital sander.Pliers and wrenches.

Decor Floating Tv Cabinet

Decor Floating Tv Cabinet

First, you must use the orbital sander to clean the piece of wood and remove chips, stains and rough areas. Drawing a line in the middle of the broad side of the floating TV cabinet, mark and measure where the holes will be made. The idea is to respect a minimum margin of 30 mm from the edge inward. Then, you must place the timber on the wall and mark with a pencil references. Remember that these must match the spacing between the hole and the hole of the timber. Once marked, begins to break through the wall from the smallest bit (in this case 3 mm). At the beginning you do not use the drill that will fix better place. When you are set, use the drill and seek to work straight at all times. Proceed to measure the spaces in the wood, and perforators mark them carefully with the drill. The depth can be between 10 and 12mm.

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Inserting an expansion bolt in each of the threaded rod and nuts place. Put the threaded rods into the holes in the wall (expansion bolts inward) and tighten the nuts.Finally, the bar shall be measured with reference to the piece of wood and if necessary cut. Place the floating shelf against the wall and secure.

If you think you need a bit of sparkle to the floating shelf, you can varnish it before putting. Although, if you want to add some color, just paint tone you prefer, but remember that it is necessary to harmonize with the decor of the area where going to place. The idea is that this floating TV cabinet is an accessory that optimizes the decor but that has as organizing various utility items or parts.

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